His 1st 12 months of love ❤

I woke up this morning at 6:30, October 24, 2016 Spain time. With his long message. I need to prepare to work but I cannot move. I am teary eyed and very touched reading his long message as a greeting for our 1st Anniversary. He is working in a cruise ship in the culinary department and now in Istanbul, Turkey. 

He is not the first man that i have been in a relationship but I can feel he is going to be my last. He never last a relationship before, in short, in his 24 years of existence, ako lang ang nabati nya ng “Happy Anniversary!” I am flattered. All of my past relationships are very serious but I always end up leaving them. Also because of their faults, but with this one, with Kerk, I feel like he is my first boyfriend. I can cry of joy. The only man who also thinks about my own sake. The only man who helped me grow. The only man who made me feel that I need to see more of myself. The only man who made me feel that I can do better everyday. 

Let us erase that part, I want to share how happy he is. He video called me and then proposed to me. Showing the promise ring. Until now I cannot believe he did that. We are not the perfect couple you could ever see, we have a lot of flaws and that flaws made our binds stronger and to love each other harder. 

This is the message he got me.

Bii happy happy anniversary saatin. Ang saya saya ko sobrang saya ko kasi 12months of love na tayo. Sayo ko lng nasabi to at ikaw lng ang babae na minahal ko ng sobra kaya nga ikaw ang pakakasalan ko bii at nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat lahat ng efforts mo bii para saakin sa pag intindi pag unawa at pagtitiis sa ugali kong di maintindihan pag pasensyahan mo na rin ako bii kasi minsan matampuhin ako at lagi kita naaway pero ang totoo sobrang mahal na mahal kita at auqng mawawala ka saakin kasi hndi ko kaayanin ng wla ka. Ikaw ang inspirasyon ko ikaw ang pangarap ko at ikaw ang buhay ko kaya qng wala ka wala rin ako bii. Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kitaa bibii ko. Salamat sa lahat at dumating ka sa buhay ko! I love you bii!😘😘😘😍😍😍😘❤❤❤❤   

I cannot believe he can say that. Napaka playboy nya, kaliwat kanan ang gf noon. Pero look at him now. Wala talagang imposible. Noon ang gusto ko lang eh mahalin sya, ang naging resulta, ako ang mahal na mahal nya. Nakakaiyak. 

Salamat Lord sa ganitong klaseng love na pwede palang mag exists. 


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