Benefits of Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

We are all aware that many relationships are also in long distance. Most are left in  the Philippines, and your partner will go working abroad. Saying this as a Filipina who is also in a LDR situation. I have friends too that after how many years being with their loved ones in one country ended up LDR. Which in our part is super hard. But we will not focus on that parts ‘coz I have a list of benefits of this situation. Believe me, being in a LDR is not as complicated as everyone thought. It is just a matter of acceptance and maturity. If you cannot handle everything, better you stop fooling yourselves in the first place. Too, I am not saying that LDR is only for strong people, I always believe we are all strong in our own ways. Self control and positivity is the key. Not just love and trust and loyalty. 

Here are some benefits of LDR in my opinion and own experience:

1. You are going to have more time for your self.

Yes. That is a fact. After how many years being accompanied by your loved ones, you are finally going to see the wider world you only thought is as small as your hand. You will realize you can do more and better, it is like being single but you are in a relationship. BUT, nevee ever take this for granted as you know you have your other half in the other side of the world. You will not realize this at first are covered with loneliness and self pity. You will always miss the one you love, but trust me, helping your self first will set your relationshio worry free. 

2. You will realize who really matters most.

You’ll meet different kinds of people wherever you will go. You will be a little curious about your surroundings and will get involved with different groups of friends, but later on you will go home alone and realize one thing; they don’t really matter. You and your loved ones are more important. You are just lonely to hang out, you are longing for hugs from the people you loved the most. Just do not get off with this mindset and you are not going to be in a situation where you can think of cheating. Do not cheat, there is no better hand and lips than the love of your life. Always remember that. 

3. You will have more time to think.

If you are always together with your loved ones, you have few times about thinking. You might have multiple exchange of convos but you have few times to really think about what’s really going on. If you are in LDR your free times are always spent on thinking and realizing stuffs and everything is self improvement. Which is also better. 

4. You will always be missed and everything always feels new.

Yep. He or she will always miss you and there is no better feeling knowing that one person is thinking about you from the time he wakes up. You are going to feel special everyday specially when you both do efforts to make each other happy. 

5. You will love each other more.

Distance makes you know how you can manage everything good and bad and how to handle things carefully. You always long for each other then it means the love will always be burning. Just have proper time management of communications and then you are set. Just believe that nothing is permanent except change, your situation will always get better, and so your feelings will change from less to more. 

“Problems are always present. But never exaggerate. Never put yourself down for you do not own all the problems of the world.” -Jhevey Razon


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