I can still remember how it all started;

I was then broken and my pieces are scattered;

I was then free but feels like I am bottled;

And in just one moment my heart just rattled.
Your adventures makes me want to know you more;

Since our minds were both open like an open door;

Our talks get deeper as we walk the shore;

Then We felt like addicted to each other’s humor.
One day you said you love me seriously;

I cannot believe that I felt the same in all honesty;

But I just have to be very careful firstly;

Because I do not want to hurt you badly.
So I fixed my self and relaxed a bit;

Realized everything before I commit;

Been through a lot until I met my limit;

Cannot wait for more, I want to see you in the summit.
I prayed for you and you prayed for me;

Now we have each other unexpectedly;

Remember it’s Fall when we crossed that valley;

And we go together with this God’s given glory.

Autumn + s7 edge Pro Camera settings + VSCO 


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