Why do we hurt the ones we love?

To the person we love the most, to the person who made our life complete, to the person who made our shattered pieces in to brand new, we owe them big. We owe them so much. 

He is the reason of my everyday smile and my happiness in general. He is the reason why I choose to dream again and choose to love the love I never given to anyone else. He is the moon in my dark lonely night at the same time, the star that shines all day so bright. 

He is the one that made me live. The reason why I want to wake up even in my laziest morning. He is the time that I always look on to, the reason for everything I wish to do. 

But sometimes I can hurt him whenever I am sad. He is not OK seeing my eyes hurts so bad. When my tears started to fall he ran out of calmness; and panic starts to cover his face that’s before was only gladness. 

I wish I can be happy all the time. But being a girl is not as easy as cutting a lime. I hate that sometimes I need to burst but I need to say somehow my unspoken words. 


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