I am a Filipina and I moved to Spain last September 21, 2014. I was then a 21 year old girl who knows nothing but taking risks and only focused on my goals- To have a Photography Studio. Earning in Philippines (for me) is not that easy, I tried working as a Car Sales Agent and I can say selling cars were never that easy as I am not working inside the showroom. There is a huge difference, I need to go to different places and giving brochures and leaflets and introduce the the product but anyway, that was quite challenging though; I can meet different extraordinary people who can afford buying cars. 

Moving on, my first months in Spain was tragic. I cannot believe myself in pure loneliness and homesick. I am just fighting that emotion and still pushing on achieving my goals and the main reason why I am here. While doing that, I forgot about myself. I forgot looking at the mirror and see a beautiful reflection. I was sooo blooming wayback in Philippines and I always look good but when I got here, I can’t believe how haggard I was. 😂 My mindset is: “I am not here to enjoy, I am here to work.” But having that mindset never gave me a chance to save a lot of money. 😂 Ironic. Hate the fact that the cost of living is expensive. And whenever I have money, I dunno why I end up helping people or relatives in Philippines who have less. I am now helping a neice in her studies paying her tuition fees and school needs and etc. 

After 2 years I started buying clothes shoes and personal stuffs. I feel good about myself whenever I am helping someone but then I forgot my own self. I cannot balance everything. One person helped me realize that it is not bad if I think about myself too with the fact that I am the one who is working. That I need to give myself a reward, and treat myself better. I get over my homesickness because of him. He served as my inspiration and you know what? I am going to marry him soon this year 2017. 

I owe him a lot. Before, All I know is taking risk and whenever I mess up in the middle I lose myself out of nowhere and later on don’t exactly know what to do. He is my Idol and I am going to be his No.1 Fan for life. 

I am still composing myself and everyday I love who I am because of Him. How can you leave a person who helped you in your most difficult situation. He maybe don’t do anything like staying beside me literally, we are in a Long Distance Relationship but he never leaves my side emotionally. That’s when I realized that Love does not only mean hugging and kissing, it also means feeding each other emotional needs and helping each other become the best version of own self. 

I am happy, I am now more than blessed than before that I am living in Madrid. I appreciate what I have though it is still hard to earn money, BUT I never had zero resources. God always provides. Amen. I just hope I always have a lot of love to give, an endless one. I thank God for everything. I adjusted. I have an inspiration. Glory to Him!