I’ll wait anyway. 

I must admit that our love story is not only full of laughters and happiness, well, just like in cooking, we also need to put salt, pepper and some ingredients that does not tastes sweet just to get the perfect savour of every recipe. 
My fiancé is a cook and I am always proud of him whatever happens. I know he is the best person for me. Our match or combination really goes well. I am only focusing on that side of our life. We deserve to be happy, let go of the bad things and the bad sides, our God has a perfect plan for us and our life is too short to be hard on ourselves. 
This is me. I’ve been telling everybody about my love story and I cannot believe that I am going to get married this June 2017. Oh, I never dreamed of being a June Bride but I was surprised I’m gonna be! OUR Lord is really a GOOD LOVING LORD. Amen to that. 

I know that Long Distance Relationship doesn’t work all the time but I proved that with the perfect timing that God provides, it will work anyway. The title of this Blog is “I’ll wait anyway.” because this is what I am doing. You know guys, I’ve been very very impatient with everything way back when I haven’t found the love of my life. The one I feel who is perfect for me. I am just so amazed how love changes everything; vision, mission, perspective, life goals, converting bad to good, being sad to feeling alive, all of the negative vibes turned into shining shimmering splendid ultimate good vibes. Sounds like I am exaggerating but that is how I feel about love. 
The mose important thing that I learned during our relationship is that I practiced to adjust. Timezone, situations, and even complicated stuffs. I know that since when I was born it is already in me-these character of being flexible; but you cannot just summon it, one day you’ll find someone who will extract the best in you without you noticing it. You’ll just see one day that you are already doing your best, the best that you did not do to anybody else in the past. Amazing huh. This is not my very first long distance relationship, I blogged about it long time ago and my first one really did not work out, imagine that relationship is almost 4years already and we were only 1 year in long distance but I cannot take it and I am more than happy that I found the courage to get out of it. 
Thanks God for giving me the signs. 

I’ll wait anyway. I have trusted God and he proved his Love for us in manu different ways. I felt down multiple times and I’ve been hurt in different ways but He is always there to save me and show me his miracles. I’ll wait for the good things everytime I am involved in a bad situation. I’ll wait for the rainbow after the storms, and most especially I’ll wait for the time that we are no longer to experience Long Distance Relationsip. 

I would like to blog using the language that I am more comfortable with. But then for the sake of other readers, I will try to make a pure English blog. I’m afraid of grammatical errors but I hope it doesn’t matter anyway as long as I have the thought. 🤣 I graduated college 4 years ago and I know that I suck. Sad life. But little by little, I’ll improve. ❤️ 

Ang LDR Life namin 

Di ako makatulog. Ang sarap mag-emote. Haha! Wala lang, biruin mo yun mula pagsampa nya sa barko, sa 9months na on board, araw araw kaming magkausap. May internet man sya o wala. (Salamat sa swabe kong internet. The best!) Kahit pa anong busy ko, nakakatawag ako sa oras; kung di man ako makatawag sa oras ibig sabihin lang nun tulog ako. 🤣 Pag di ako nakakatawag on time nagoonline yun, tinatanong kung bakit wala pa akong call. 🤣 Kaya di maari ang absent kahit pa magka-away kami ay naguusap pa rin. Kaya lang kami makakatulog na magkaaway dahil sa sobrang pagod na sa trabaho. Pero kinabukasan pinaguusapan pa rin. Hanggang ayos na ayos at swabe na ulit. Ang wish ko lagi saamin eh magmahalan na parang hindi nagbababag. ☺️👌🏻😀

Sa dami na ng inaatupag ko minsan siguro iilang beses palang ako nalito sa pag-kwenta kung ilang oras ang higit ko sakanya. Ayaw ko pa naman ng Math pero atag na akong magbilang. Haha! Jusko di ko malimutan yung 5PM sakanya eh mag 12 na ng hating gabi sakin. As in natulog ako ng 8:30 tapos gigising ng mag aalas dose. 🤣

Palibhasa sa ganoon masaya na kami. Sobrang saya na namin kapag nagkakausap kami, nakakawala ng pagod sa trabaho, updated rin kami. Ang tyaga rin nga nya, literal na telepono ang gamit ako eh naka headset tapos telebabad ng 2 oras.

Sabay kumain minsan sa gabi, nanunuod sya ng balita eh nakikinig rin ako kahit di ko nakikita, habang nagiinom minsan eh pinapatawag pa ako parang nakiki jamming rin. Haha! 

Eh may internet na sya madalas ngayon, menos call, pero kapag break time laro laro naman kami ng Mobile Legends. 🤣 Lagi kaming magkasagpi. Haha! Gusto nya lagi kaming magkalaro. 😍 

Minsan nagiinom rin kami habang magkausap, tapos kwentuhang walang katapusan ng kanyang mga kalokohan mula pagkabata, mga buhay namin nung highschool, mga experiences sa buhay, mga natutunan, madami pang iba. ☺️

Tapos ngayon malapit na kaming mag kita. Natyaga namin ang araw araw na ganuon. 

Unbelievable, pero ayus rin eh. Kudos sa pagtutulungan naming dalawa. As in weeks n lang yung binibilang. I’m proud of us. Really. Hindi naman to madali pero bakit keri namin. 🤣❤️ Oh di baa. Walang imposible kapag gusto, kapag patas ang effort, kapag totoong love love na ito. Saaming dalawa lang kami nagkukuhanan ng lakas ng loob. 

Kaya kung sakaling gusto ko syang protektahan at ilayo sa kahit anong tingin kong makakasira saamin, siguro naman hindi masama, malaki talaga ang effoerts namin para lang mabahidan ng manchang basta na lang darating. Kung may mancha, ay lagi naman akong may pang-bleach na daladala. 🤣


Happiness: Hard to earn

We laugh and smile and we’re not happy. I guess that laughing and smiling are just really a response to a certain action. I say so because it is easy to smile even you’re lonely but it will never be the same if it really means to me. 

Have you ever been so sad and you cannot put in details why? Have you been thinking about a lot of things and yet it led you to a neutral emotion (some kind of numbness) and then you find yourself in the corner of your room thinking and thinking again about a lot of stuffs, asking what’s wrong, lacking and what’s really going on? Or even asking for solutions about a problem you don’t even know where from? What do you call that state of mentality? 

I do not usually go out with friends, 3/4 of my life is basically working and “me” time. Every day there are few poeple in my inbox, a little chit chat. There are people available to talk but it is me who doesn’t feel like talking to them. What’s going on with my self.

I must admit I am missing someone. Being in a long distance relationship is hard, my boyfriend is a seaman and I hope you can imagine how hard it is to wait for the time, to adjust to time, to manage the time, skip sleeping because time is precious and you are not going to talk to him or see him everyday. 

Happiness is sacrifice. I can go out with friends but my friends are also busy working, and during my weekend days off, I want to relax in my room from Monday-Friday grind and sleeping 6 hours or less every night. I do not have so much time for myself and sometimes when homesickness strikes, it strikes hard. PLUS this effin hormones and PMS. Oh how I wish I could be with the person I love. You know, with just one hug all tiredness can be erased. And if you ask about my family, I am living with my mom and my father and 2 more sisters are in my own country. My Mom, I think feels the same way I do. But we must fight for this emotions and keep going on. Smile even if it is not that happy, fight on and live on because it is all part of sacrifice. 

Happiness is hard to earn. I sometimes do not know what happiness means. Contentment maybe? I am content with my life but I want to laugh the real laugh, smile the real smile, and go crazy over things and have fun. 

In short, I need a vacation. Miles awat from my work, recollect my broken pieces and get back my mindset. I need a time for me, for my boyfriend and I know with that, I’m going to be really HAPPY. 

Benefits of Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

We are all aware that many relationships are also in long distance. Most are left in  the Philippines, and your partner will go working abroad. Saying this as a Filipina who is also in a LDR situation. I have friends too that after how many years being with their loved ones in one country ended up LDR. Which in our part is super hard. But we will not focus on that parts ‘coz I have a list of benefits of this situation. Believe me, being in a LDR is not as complicated as everyone thought. It is just a matter of acceptance and maturity. If you cannot handle everything, better you stop fooling yourselves in the first place. Too, I am not saying that LDR is only for strong people, I always believe we are all strong in our own ways. Self control and positivity is the key. Not just love and trust and loyalty. 

Here are some benefits of LDR in my opinion and own experience:

1. You are going to have more time for your self.

Yes. That is a fact. After how many years being accompanied by your loved ones, you are finally going to see the wider world you only thought is as small as your hand. You will realize you can do more and better, it is like being single but you are in a relationship. BUT, nevee ever take this for granted as you know you have your other half in the other side of the world. You will not realize this at first bec.you are covered with loneliness and self pity. You will always miss the one you love, but trust me, helping your self first will set your relationshio worry free. 

2. You will realize who really matters most.

You’ll meet different kinds of people wherever you will go. You will be a little curious about your surroundings and will get involved with different groups of friends, but later on you will go home alone and realize one thing; they don’t really matter. You and your loved ones are more important. You are just lonely to hang out, you are longing for hugs from the people you loved the most. Just do not get off with this mindset and you are not going to be in a situation where you can think of cheating. Do not cheat, there is no better hand and lips than the love of your life. Always remember that. 

3. You will have more time to think.

If you are always together with your loved ones, you have few times about thinking. You might have multiple exchange of convos but you have few times to really think about what’s really going on. If you are in LDR your free times are always spent on thinking and realizing stuffs and everything is self improvement. Which is also better. 

4. You will always be missed and everything always feels new.

Yep. He or she will always miss you and there is no better feeling knowing that one person is thinking about you from the time he wakes up. You are going to feel special everyday specially when you both do efforts to make each other happy. 

5. You will love each other more.

Distance makes you know how you can manage everything good and bad and how to handle things carefully. You always long for each other then it means the love will always be burning. Just have proper time management of communications and then you are set. Just believe that nothing is permanent except change, your situation will always get better, and so your feelings will change from less to more. 

“Problems are always present. But never exaggerate. Never put yourself down for you do not own all the problems of the world.” -Jhevey Razon

Pray, Forgive and Forget

Kapag mahal mo pala talaga ang isang tao, hindi mahalaga kung ano ang mga masasamang napagdaanan nyo, at ang maiisip mo kagad eh kung paano kayo mas magiging matatag. 

Weh? Baka sabi mo lang yan? Baka sa umpisa lang naman yan?

Hindi rin. Hehe. Sa umpisa kahit anong nagawa nyang mali, masakit. At maiisip mo na habang tumatagal, masakit pa rin. Pero alam mo na masasaktan sya pag nasasaktan ka kaya babalewalain mo na lang kasi in the first place nakapag sorry na sya at ilang beses mo na syang napatawad. In the long run, sarili mo na lang ang kalaban mo. Kaya you have to control what you think and your emotions too. Keep yourself busy, do productive stuffs. Yup. Productive. Kesa mag self pity ka sa bahay buong buhay mo, okay lang mag self pity paminsan minsan, ang sarap rin kayang umiyak. Pero wag mo uugaliin ha. Pray ka rin para mas maging matatag ang loob mo. Tulad ng sinabi ko, sarili mo na lang ang kalaban mo. Makakatulong rin na paminsan minsan sabihin mo sa jowa mo ang nararamdaman mo. Dahil sya rin ang makakatulong sayo. Wag mo syang aawayin dahil sa mga nagawa nyang pinagsisisihan nya na rin hanggang ngayon. Tao lang sya at tao ka lang rin. 

MAIKLI lang ang buhay para sa bad vibes. Ang iwan natin sa bawat tao ay ang mga nagawa nating maganda kahit pa anong sama ng ating pinagdaanan.

God bless.