There’s more to life.

​”You go to places and you see the world, you make memories that you can bring until you grow old.” – #ldrandlifeblog
I have to repost this photo. I always long to see mornings like this. This makes me feel like I want to live more. This feels life. 

Kung hindi dahil sa boyfriend ko, hindi na ako mangangarap uli.

I realized that andami pang magaganda sa buhay than what we have right now. Ako nga eh, never in my life na naisip ko na makakakita ako ng ganito kagandang view. Never in my life na inakala kong posible palang mangyare lahat ng magagandang ito sa buhay ko.

Kagaya sa love life, friends. 

Nasayo lang yun if you want to see it also. If you are willing to grow or just stay there not moving on. 

Instead of doing bad things to feed your ego, why not do good things to improve yourself? I’ve seen people that are injured, badly hurt, emotionally broken. I’ve been there too. Somewhere in my life  I belong to that group of people. 

I saw them and saw what they are doing, i saw my self and I start comparing and I told my self,

“No, I do not want to be like that. I am hurt but I do not like to be bad nor kawawa.” 

Pag nasasaktan ako, I want to improve, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kaya instead na manakit din ako ng iba? Hindi na lang. Hindi naman sila masasaktan eh. Bakit ko naman ilalagay ang sarili ko sa tabi ng bangin, tas pag nagtatalon ako don eh ako din naman ang may 100% chance na mahulog at mashigok. Hehe. 
I am not judging them people. They have their own life style, they have their own defense mechanism kung paano sila makakawala sa “sakit.” And I have my own way too. 

Hindi ko sinasabi na wag nilang indahin ang sakit na nararamdaman nila. It hurts a lot seeing the one you love walking away from you. Been there. I will go crazy if that happens to me. But one thing is for sure of that happens, I will cry today but I will be successful tomorrow. 

When I write, I am talking to myself.



I can still remember how it all started;

I was then broken and my pieces are scattered;

I was then free but feels like I am bottled;

And in just one moment my heart just rattled.
Your adventures makes me want to know you more;

Since our minds were both open like an open door;

Our talks get deeper as we walk the shore;

Then We felt like addicted to each other’s humor.
One day you said you love me seriously;

I cannot believe that I felt the same in all honesty;

But I just have to be very careful firstly;

Because I do not want to hurt you badly.
So I fixed my self and relaxed a bit;

Realized everything before I commit;

Been through a lot until I met my limit;

Cannot wait for more, I want to see you in the summit.
I prayed for you and you prayed for me;

Now we have each other unexpectedly;

Remember it’s Fall when we crossed that valley;

And we go together with this God’s given glory.

Autumn + s7 edge Pro Camera settings + VSCO